The morning after we presented TEDxTucson I woke up ready for work. A great deal of place based deeply committed and richly soul rewarding work.

We had awakened a few people.

I am definitely not a workaholic, but I care about the work we do.

Answer the question: Where Are Our Jobs?

Where do I begin?

“Why not take on the job of creating jobs?” the voice said.

‘What is a job?’ and ‘How do you make one if you wanted to?’ I replied.

? Mysteriously, the ? of jobs confounds me. TEDx gave me a platform to reflect the amazing ingenuity and commitment to place that is green living here in this beautiful Sonoran landscape. I love it here. And TED beautified my town, for a few fleeting moments we were all there, together calling out to our future.

The first TEDxTucson was about creating your own green job. Cool. Everyone in the Rialto raised their hands and said “I am a green entrepreneur!”

So you want to be a green entrepreneur – eh? (the thoughts of a Canadian expatriate living in Tucson for 15 years now) OK  . . .

How about a notional Local Jobs Movement?

Or even a national one?

As part of my participation in TEDActive in Palm Springs Feb. 27 – March 4, I am sharing the job creation project we’re working on here in Tucson. I have included a mind map that I created to illustrate the broad outlines of what we want to do:

This is an open source information driven job creation strategy.  If you want to create a Local Jobs Movement, share a few thoughts here.