Rainwater harvesting culvert

Well I am back in town after an amazing experience at TEDActive. Many people I spoke with loved the local jobs movement idea and so we’re back at it this week with a meeting with the Ajo Regional Food Partnership.

This blog is intended to tell the story as we create a movement to create jobs. The idea emerged from our work here in creating TEDxTucson and wanting to have a project that people could work on that contributes to Tucson’s sustainability. We’re working with people like James MacAdam who works helping people learn about rainwater harvesting and urban permaculture.

As I describe the idea of linking nurturing a local foods movement with job creation I can see people get the idea right away. In fact my new friends in Ajo are combating a “food desert” and the concomitant health issues that go with it. So they are working to create a sustainable local food system, new community awareness in making healthy food choices, restoring their rich cultural foods heritage and developing new food-based economic opportunities for community residents.


This is all being organized by the International Sonoran Desert Alliance and I’ll keep you posted as we link up.